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[ # ] The scandalous prank Shonda Rhimes played on Joshua Malina
January 18th, 2018 under Joshua Malina, Shonda Rhimes

You know how Shonda Rhimes likes to kill off her actors, well imagine her pranking you with your character’s death? One of the stars on her shows does not have to imagine that.

Tony Goldwyn was on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday and he shared a story from one of the Scandal table reads. The actors on the show do not get their scripts until the table read. While almost all of them read it front to back to find out what happens next, Joshua Malina reads the last page first. This would infuriate the cast. Then one day Shonda Rhimes had a solution to get him to stop. She wrote a last page just for him and it said that they were killing off David Rosen. Taught him a lesson and gave everyone else a hearty laugh.

BTW Goldwyn also revealed that if you character is getting killed off, Rhimes calls you to office and let’s you know ahead of time. Unless you constantly read the last page of the script first.


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