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[ # ] The Rock enjoyed seeing Kevin Hart covered in cow 💩!
December 29th, 2017 under Kevin Hart, The Rock

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As we know The Rock and Kevin Hart like to prank each other. Since DJ is the executive producer of their films, he has the authority to torture his co-star in the name of the job. For example, when they filmed an explosion scene in Jumanji, they used a little something extra to give it that extra special effect. What is it? Manure or as DJ calls it cow 💩.

A few weeks ago, I heard Jack Black talk about this gag on Steve Harvey’s show and I never thought we would see it. Well Christmas came a little late because DJ finally posted the video. While it is not as great as Black described, it is still the bomb or should I say the 💩.

How did Dwayne Johnson describe the epic blowout? He said, “As a producer of #Jumanji and @kevinhart4real’s best friend, my job was to make sure my co-stars were safe and all the cow sh!t got on Kevin. Every kernel. 😈🐄💩 This made me very happy.” There was one thing they were not happy about and that was the stench it left behind. Or it could have been one of Jack Black’s farts. Too easy, I had to go there!

Will all of the TV shows that DJ stars in and produces, why hasn’t he done a reality show with just him and Hart out pranking each other. Could you imagine how much trouble they would get into?


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