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[ # ] The Resident and Last Man Standing are still standing at Fox!
May 19th, 2020 under Fox, Tim Allen

Even though Fox announced their 2020-2021 season last week, they were not done scheduling their lineup that was affected by the coronavirus pandemic. What do they need to fix that problem? They need residents and an outdoorsman to help them get through it.

That’s right, they picked up The Resident for a fourth season, and Last Man Standing for a third with the network. The Tim Allen sitcom is the little show that can. LMS did six seasons on ABC, took a year off, and reemerged on Fox.

It will be interesting to see how LMS will resume production of their show when they are finally allowed to film again. It is one of the few shows that tapes in front of a live audience. Will they be able to do that again when they are given the go-ahead? Way too early to tell.

When it comes to The Resident, it will probably be one of the first shows back at work. They film out of Atlanta, Georgia, and that state is much more lax with the lockdown than California and NY. I am also curious to see how many stories they will be doing on COVID-19 next season. I would love to see them take on the CDC since they are both in the same city. I am rooting for Chastain Memorial to win.

Are you as happy as I am that both shows will be back?

UPDATE 2: I am beginning to wonder if push comes to shove, will Fox turn Last Man Standing into an animated show. You know, since it is the only live-action sitcom left on their air. That is because they canceled Outmatched with Jason Biggs and Maggie Lawson today. I am bummed about that because it grew on me.

You know, since Lawson is show killer (none of her shows have lasted more than a season), Peacock should pick up a revival of Psych. At least she had one show she didn’t kill, and we want back.


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