Seriously? OMG! WTF?The Real gets real about wearing socks during sex - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] The Real gets real about wearing socks during sex
April 16th, 2018 under Uncategorized

You know how Joe Cocker sings how you can leave your hat on, turns out there is another article of clothing you should keep on while you are getting it on. According to a new study, couples who keep their feet covered up have a 30% better chance of climaxing. The study also says that women feel safe and secure while wearing them.

The women on The Real talked about this study and not one of them agreed. They each gave their reasons why they disagreed. Loni Love and I came to the same conclusion, the sock manufacturers are the ones who are behind the study. While Adrienne Bailon thinks it was made up by people who have ugly hooves.

Bailon and Tamera Mowry both said they like feeling toes. While Jeannie Mai does not want to look up at her feet when they up in the air and see them with ugly socks on. Love then chimed in with if you have a nice pedicure, you want to show off your feet. But let’s be real, he is not looking down there unless he has a foot fetish.

While that is when you are bottom, Mowry tried as nicely as she could to explain why it is a problem when you are on top. You need your feet to grip onto the sheets and hold you in place. Otherwise, you will slide from his pelvis to his mouth.

Finally, Bailon brought up a good point, it is not only our tootsies we want to see. We also want to see his tootsies to find out how much he likes it. When his toes start pointing, you know exactly how he feels. He likes it, he really really likes it.

When it comes to how I feel about it, I hate wearing socks period. The only thing I think that should be covered up during sex is his penis with a condom!


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