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July 11th, 2008 under Nickelodeon, Reviews

Queen Bees premieres on July 11 at 9:00 p.m. (ET). The hour-long ultimate mean girl makeover reality series takes an introspective look at seven self-centered, narcissistic girls who have been elected by family members, boyfriends and friends in the hopes that they will better themselves from the inside out. Each young woman will take a closer look at who they are and re-examine their not so nice ways. The girl that changes the most will win $25,000. Queen Bees is hosted by America’s Next Top Model winner, Yoanna House, with acclaimed relationship expert Dr. Michelle serving as resident psychologist and life coach.

When I saw the promo for Queen Bees on The N, I knew the show was going to be good. But when I watched the pilot, I found out this show it is better than good it is brilliant.
7 bitchy, self-centered girls are nominated to be on the show because they are such Queen Bees by their friends, family and boyfriends. The 7 chosen are then forced to live together and compete to transforms themselves not to be so bitchy. Yeah, that will be easy, I can’t wait until they all get their time of the month together!
The first few minutes of the show, we meet the girls and you get to see why these girls were picked to be on the show. One girl gave away most of her older sister’s clothes to all of her friend and then when the sister went to school the next day she saw them all wearing them. Then there is another girl who begs her boyfriend for his checks from his two jobs as soon as he gets them. And another who invited her BFF out with her BFF’s two boyfriends who didn’t know she was dating both of them, and the BFF was left single.
The first challenge for the girls is a beauty pageant, but the Judges are blind! Wait until you see their reaction to the whole pageant. Plus we are beginning to see what happens when you put 7 Queen Bees in one house together…it ain’t pretty.
Finally the girls start their group sessions and we get to watch the ice slowly be chipped away some of them.
Queen Bees might be a TV competition show, but there is actually a lesson here. If you are a parent or a friend of a Queen Bee I highly recommend watching this show because you will see what you don’t want to be and you will learn how you can be better!!!
So tune in to Queen Bees tonight and every Friday on The N at 9p! It would be a bitch to miss this show.


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