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[ # ] The Pregnancy Project is a must watch
January 28th, 2012 under Lifetime

Tonight on Lifetime at 8p The Pregnancy Project debuts and any parent of a teen and the teens themselves need to watch this movie that is based on a true story. Gaby Rodriguez (Alexa Vega) is the daughter of a teen mom. her siblings all had kids as teens and everyone expects her to do the same. When she has no clue what to do for her senior project, she decides to fake a pregnancy to see how people will react to her being pregnant. She keeps the news from everyone, but one teacher, the principal, her mom and her boyfriend. The bigger she gets the more she sees that people discriminate against her and treat her differently. She is shocked by some of the people who have turned against her because of it. Also the longer she goes on the charade, the more she hates her big belly. Her mother will remind her at least she can take it off unlike other teen moms.
Now the day is getting closer for her to tell everyone that she faked her pregnancy and why, and she is afraid how they will react to the news. How will they react and how will change them and her? You have tune in for this movie that should be screened in high schools because it is just that important.


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