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[ # ] The Power will make you afraid of teenage girls
February 23rd, 2023 under Prime Video

My niece just turned 14, and I am already scared of her moods that change at the drop of a hat.* However, think of how much worse it would be if she had the power to make electricity with her hands. One tantrum, and I would be dead.

The Power, which debuts March 31st on Prime Video, is going to show us what that would be like.

The series is our world, but for one twist of nature. Suddenly, and without warning, teenage girls develop the power to electrocute people at will. The series features a cast of remarkable characters from London to Seattle, Nigeria to Eastern Europe, as the Power evolves from a tingle in teenagers’ collarbones to a complete reversal of the power balance of the world.

As someone who was a teenage girl, I can tell you we don’t need that power. However, we would love it. Mom, can I stay out all night with the guy I just met? Dad, can I have a car even though I don’t have my driver’s license? Teacher, you want to fail me? If I didn’t get the response I wanted, I would turn on my electrifying hands until I did.

So, in other words, I cannot wait to watch The Power!

*I am lying for effect, and I love my niece, who is tolerable for her age!


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