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[ # ] The pants are off with this sports reporter!
May 26th, 2020 under TV News

Many reporters around the country are working from home because of the coronavirus pandemic. Since they are not walking around the newsroom and they are just in their houses, they don’t feel like they have to dress up for work. Well, at least not from the belly button down.

WPLG’s Will Manso is one of those reporters, who is not wearing pants, and he has no problem admitting that on air. However, he didn’t show it to us because Louis Aguirre asked him not to show us.

I don’t know about you, but I want to see that! I am sure I am not the only one. I betcha all the naked players he has interviewed in the locker rooms want to see it too. They are like we showed you ours, now show us yours.

Manso is not the only reporter to go pantless on the air. Will Reeve was caught doing it on Good Morning America.


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