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[ # ] The Oscars want Chris Rock back
October 20th, 2015 under Chris Rock, Oscars

Chris Rock hosted the Oscars back in 2005, and for some reason the Academy wants him back. According to Robot Butt, AMPAS wanted Jimmy Fallon, Ellen DeGeneres or Amy Schumer to host, but the latter turned it down. Moving down their list they decided to ask Rock to return as the MC and are reportedly in talks with him to do it.
I don’t get it. He hasn’t been relevant since the last time he hosted and he sucked when he had the job back then.
I could be so against it because I really wanted The Rock and Kevin Hart to do it. Not only are they perfect choice, but they have a movie out around the same time. They are relevant unlike Rock.
What do you think of Rock hosting the Oscars again? And did you even remember he hosted the Oscars once upon a time?

UPDATE: AMPAS confirmed he’s hosting the Oscars this year.


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