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[ # ] The Oneders from That Thing You Do perform their one hit wonder!
April 27th, 2017 under Johnathon Schaech, Reunions

via Ryan Vaughn

It has been over 20 years since That Thing You Do came out and Tom Everett Scott, Johnathon Schaech and Ethan Embry can still jam like they did back then.

On Tuesday night the movie band reunited at the Roxy with Josh Adam Meyers as their lead vocals. How did it come about? Meyers told The Laugh Button that Scott attended some of Meyers tapings of The Comedy Jam that airs on Comedy Central, the show Meyers hosts, and he asked the actor if they would like to do a reunion at The Goddamn Comedy Jam. At first he said no, but Scott’s brother in law, who produces The After Jam, worked his magic on him and got him to say yes. Now it was time to get the other bandmates on board. As soon as Embry and Schaech heard about it they were in, but Steve Zahn was working on a movie. They waited until he was done, but since he lives in Kentucky he wasn’t able to do it. Instead they put a mask on someone who represented him on stage.

Even though it isn’t the full band, it is still beyond groovy. I love how much Embry got into it. He really went all out. So did Scott who played the drums like a pro! It had to be a total blast for them to rock out again like they did in the 1964. Since they are all musicians, maybe they can go on tour. Could you imagine if The Oneders really hot the road together? I would go seem them do That Thing They Do!


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