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[ # ] The one book Stephen King will most likely never write
June 16th, 2020 under Stephen King

Stephen King has written so many books. However, there is one novel he wants to pen but we might never be able to read it.

The legendary author revealed the premise. “The best novel idea I never wrote (and probably never will) is I JASON, the first-person narrative of Jason Voorhees, and his hellish fate: killed over and over again at Camp Crystal Lake. What a hellish, existential fate!” Then he explained why he can’t do it, “Just thinking about the legal thicket one would have to go through to get permissions makes my head ache. And my heart, that too. But gosh, shouldn’t someone tell Jason’s side of the story?”

I think whoever owns the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise should let him do it. It can’t be any worse than the painfully horrendous reboot and Jason X.

Imagine King’s take on Jason’s take of it all. Now my head aches thinking about it.

I would love to get Jason: Under the Dome or Jason: Thinner or Jason vs Cujo. What mashup would want to see? Even though that is not what King was going for with his idea.

Going off on his idea, then, which other horror movie killers would you like to see his perspective on about them. I am Freddy Krueger girl, so it would be a dream come true to see what the writer’s nightmare on Elm Street would be. Maybe we can find out what Michael Myers does on the days that are not Halloween. My favorite would be is what was Christine thinking on her joy rides.


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