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[ # ] The Nest makes cute stuffed animals terrifying
July 26th, 2021 under Movies

The Nest is a horror movie that will make you afraid to sleep with your teddy bear ever again. The one thing that normally comforts you after a scary movie.

Beth (Sarah Navratil), Jack (Kevin Patrick Murphy) are forced to leave everything behind and move to a new home. Beth was addicted to pain pills, and they lost everything because of it. The one who is suffering the most is their daughter Meg (Maple Suttles).

After Beth came back from rehab, Meg will not let her mom out of her sight. She doesn’t even want to go to school because she needs to be with her mom.

While they are traveling to their new house, they make a pit stop. Meg sees a cute teddy bear and tells her parents that she wants it. The owner of the shop gives it to her for free.

There is a reason why he did that. That toy has a secret, and it is a deadly one. It is full of a parasite that takes over its victims’ bodies. Will they be able to stop the teddy bear before it gets all of them?

You are going to want to stream or rent this movie on home video today to find out.

The Nest is a slow, suspenseful movie that keeps you guessing what will happen until the very end. It is the type of film that scares you by not showing you everything. Director James Suttles perfectly plays out the mystery as he times it out so that the suspense builds up to an ending that leaves you satisfied and wanting more.


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