Seriously? OMG! WTF?The mystery continues on Fringe and Lance Reddick told me about it! - Seriously? OMG! WTF?
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[ # ] The mystery continues on Fringe and Lance Reddick told me about it!
September 17th, 2009 under Fox, Interviews

Fringe is back for its second season on Fox tonight at 9p and there are going to be some changes for the show and Lance Reddick who plays Agent Phillip Broyles told me about some of them.
On the season premiere of Fringe, it starts with a bang and Olivia Dunham making an entrance that you will be talking about tomorrow and things are not looking good for her. But she is not the only one things are not looking good for because Agent Broyles is in DC trying to save Fringe because the government wants to shut it down. Lance Reddick told me we are going to learn more about the history between Fringe and the government in the upcoming episodes and the conflict between the two. He also told me we are learn about the history of Fringe and what it was like before Olivia, Peter and Walter joined them and that we are going to meet his ex-wife. For those of you who watched Fringe, you know the show is all about unexplained phenomena that they try to solve, so I had to ask him if he is changed his outlook on things. You have to check out the interview above to see his answer to the question because it is a really interesting response, just like the show itself. And on that note, I am looking forward to this season and how getting the government involved is going to change things up. Plus they have added at least one new cast member and her appearance on the season premiere has already made a difference. One thing that hasn’t changed is the unique father/son relationship between Walter and Peter. In tonight’s episode Walter insists on making Peter a birthday custard even though Peter tells him he hates custard. Walter’s need to make his son’s birthday so special is so sweet and such a unique aspect to a show about solving the unsolvable! So check out Fringe on Fox tonight and every Thursday at 9p for a show that leaves you guessing every week!
Now back to Lance Reddick when I asked him what he has coming up he told me is marketing a jazz CD he has been working on for years called Contemplations and Remembrances. You can listen to the album on Lance Reddick’s site and download it for a really good price. Let me tell you guys, I was blown away by how smooth his voice is. I am not a jazz fan and I am in love with his music! You should totally listen to it while you wait to watch the season premiere of Fringe tonight on Fox at 9p!


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