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[ # ] The Kitchen Commando goes to the beach to save a restaurant
February 19th, 2023 under Tubi TV

There is a new Kitchen Commando out now on Tubi, and it is not going to be a day at the beach for Chef Andree Rush.

Rush heads to Virginia to help Chloez Cafe. It is a family-run, beach-themed restaurant, but there is only one member in charge, and the mother is not sharing the responsibility. Because of that, the food is suffering.

The Chef will have 48 hours to work with them to change their family dynamic and help them bond. He will try to get the mom to let her daughter be the manager that she wants to be. Therefore, helping to bring the three of them closer.

Once he is done with that, it is time to try some new menu items. How will they like octopus? They will love it just like the patrons will.

That is not the only thing that the diners will love. They are also enamored by the renovation that Rush’s people did to the cafe.

Once Rush is done working his magic, it is time to test out the new Chloez. Can they handle the heat in the kitchen? You will just have to tune in to find out.

If you loved Kitchen Nightmares, then you are going to love the reboot even more. There is a reason why he has been the chef to four presidents. Once you tune in, you will see why!


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