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[ # ] The Isiah Factor Uncensored discusses Gooch Grease!
June 2nd, 2023 under TV News

Yesterday, I was scrolling through Twitter, and I saw Marsha Warfield posted about something called Gooch Grease. I am pretty worldly, but I  never heard the phrase before.

So what is Gooch Grease? It is a columniation of lint (I am assuming from whatever amount of toilet paper he actually used), sweat, and dried up pieces of feces between a man’s butt and balls. It is so bad for some men that they are using women’s maxi pads to keep it under control.

How do I know this? Because Fox 26’s Isiah Carey did a nearly seven-minute segment on it for his show The Isiah Factor Uncensored.

The producers made him bring on a panel of two men and two women to discuss the topic. And they shockingly said yes, and talked about it.

I worked in hard news for six years, and I never had to do a story like that. But boy, do I wish I did! If I could vote for them to get the regional Emmys for this segment, I would. Carey deserves all the awards for doing this!

And now that he made it a thing, please let The View do this. I would love to hear Whoopi Goldberg’s take on it. And then I want to see Anderson Cooper giggle his way through the report. His show will forever be tainted. Pun totally intended!

When it comes to Marsha Warfield, I don’t know what word to put before you for sharing this. Part of me wants to thank her for the enlightenment. But the other part wants to curse her because this is filed under things I really didn’t need to know.


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