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[ # ] The investigators risk their life and limb on tonight’s Fact or Faked
April 17th, 2012 under Syfy

Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files is back on Syfy at 9p and not everyone might make it to the end of the show. Once again the team will watch videos and decide which are two are the best to investigate.
The first case is a woman who was filmed levitating on her own even though she is sleeping. They will do different scenarios to reproduce what happened her. Will they be able to duplicate what happened or was she really attacked by a poltergeist.
The next case is where two of the investigators will risk life and limb. There is guy known as the Ice Man and can withstand freezing temperatures that would kill the average person, so they want to see if that is possible. One of the Ice Man’s feats is running two hours in freezing weather, so to duplicate that they run in just their underwear at an ice cream rink. After several minutes they start to experience frost bite on their feet. Still not satisfied, one of them takes an ice bath next to the actual Ice Man. This test is so dangerous, they could die if they get too cold. Their hurt will beat so fast, it will kill them. So how far will they go to prove if something is Fact or Faked? You will have to tune into find out.


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