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[ # ] The Haunted Collector is back with more emotion
March 6th, 2013 under Syfy

The Haunted Collector is back on Syfy tonight at 9p and this season they are bringing more emotion in to their investigations. While most paranormal shows are about just about looking into to seeing if there is anything paranormal going on, The Haunted Collector is about that and the people who called John Zaffis look in to their case.
As John explained recently on a conference call, “It’s helping the people, reaching out to them, being able to connect with them and hopefully trying to bring some resolution on several of the different investigations that we encountered, that we were involved with. To me that’s going to be the most important thing.” And that is what we are going to get with the 24 locations they look into this season.
Starting tonight when they go to a barn in Upstate NY and the current owner thinks the past one is haunting the place and killing off her horses. John and investigators will find out if the cause is paranormal or part of this world. But watching the woman going through it all makes this show so much better than the other ones like it.
I love paranormal investigation shows, but I find myself watching more for the architecture and backstory of the place than the case itself. With The Haunted Collector, I am watching more for the case than anything else. That is what these shows should be like and I am glad that one of them finally got it right.
So tune in tonight and every week at 9p to see what John Zaffis and his team encounter next.


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