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February 29th, 2008 under Eli Roth

(William Katt and PJ Soles from Carrie in the top photo and Eli Roth and Scott Baio in the others) 
Sadly The Greats of Roth is coming to end tomorrow night at the New Beverly Cinema, but just like Eli Roth it is going out in a big way!!!
  • Bachelor Party:
    • Fri: 7:30; Sat: 3:25 & 7:30
  • Caddyshack:
    • Fri: 9:35; Sat: 5:30 only
  • Pieces:
    • Sat: 9:35 only
Pieces which was shown the first week was such a huge hit that people went back to see it again the very same night. So Eil Roth has decided to close his festival with the movie and the classic Tom Hanks/Adrian Zmed movie Bachelor Party. Seriously who didn't have a crush on Adrian Zmed in that move and he still looks the same as he did when he did that movie over 25 years ago!
But back to Pieces (My friends that are going with me tomorrow…stop reading here) Eli Roth told me:
This is the uncut version with all the extra gore and nudity that is NOT out on VHS and DVD.  (Anyone who has a copy has a heavily censored version.)  It's the ultimate crowd pleasing audience movie, so if you've never seen it there's no better way to experience it for the first time than with a packed house.
So if you live in Los Angeles come on down to the New Beverly Cinema on La Brea and Beverly and check out two great movies for $7!!! What a bargain!!!
If you don't live in LA pick up your local newspaper and find an old school movie theater in your home town and check it out! We need to keep as many of these theaters around as possible because the feel you get one just makes the movie experience so much better. We didn't save drive-ins and sadly most of us can't say we had sex at one…including me. 🙁 But seriously folks 35mm must mean something to people like Steven Spielberg and George Lucas because why else would they be rumors that Paramount is releasing Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 35mm only!
Once again thanks to Eli Roth for putting on The Greats of Roth, it sincerely was a lot of fun. Now get cracking on The Greats of Roth 2!!!

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