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[ # ] The Good Place’s mother issues, Will & Grace’s #MeToo and Murphy Brown’s midterms
November 1st, 2018 under CBS

Tonight at 8:30p on The Good Place, Michael (Ted Danson) takes Elanor (Kristen Bell) to see the mother (Leslie Grossman) she thought was dead but is really alive.

Michael wants Elanor to help her mom to get in heaven. Will she feel the same way when she finds out her mother is very much alive? After three seasons, what do you think she will do?

How Grossman, who is just 9 years older than Bell (and looks younger than her), is playing her mom, is beyond me.

The episode is not only about them, it is also about the others trying to help Tahani (Jameela Jamil) make the sister she hates a better person. Can these two rivals get along or will it end with someone getting the ax?

Out of all of the shows that I watch, and there are many, this one is my favorite one on TV now. Tonight’s episode is another example of why!
Then at 9p on Will & Grace, this episode is very close to my heart because I can relate to what Grace went through.

Grace’s (Debra Messing) father asks her to go a trip to see her late mother at the cemetery. While they are eating at a restaurant, Grace shares a secret with her dad that she has been holding on to for over 30 years. One that happened to me 7 years ago. It is a scenario I never could do, but it was good for me to see play out. While, it brought back a lot of bad memories, it was actually cathartic for me. Sadly, too many other people like Grace and me have been through the same thing and could not tell the person we love so much. Thank you to writers for tackling this topic.

On a lighter note, Jack (Sean Hayes) has to decide who he wants as his best man. Will he choose (Eric McCormack) or Karen (Megan Mullally)? Let’s just the answer will be anything but a drag.

Will & Grace is why all these revivals are a good thing.

Then at 9:30p over on CBS, Murphy Brown tackles the midterms. Both Murphy (Candice Bergen) and her son Avery (Jake McDorman) will spend all day and night covering the midterm elections on their networks that are polar political opposites.

While the Murphy in the Morning will be up through the night, a Sean Hannity (Peter Gallagher) like character will go from night to daytime to co-host with Avery on the Wolf Network. Personally, I thought this part was so funny, I wish it was the whole episode.

I am not a fan of McDorman, but he won me over tonight. When it comes to Gallagher, I never thought I could dislike him (and Center Stage is one of my favorite movies), but this episode made me come close to doing that.

That is the results of good writing and acting. Which has been a big part of this revival.


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