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[ # ] The Good Place gets a pornody and it has a moral lesson!
September 26th, 2019 under Pornody

Tonight at 9p, it is time for The Good Place’s final season premiere. If that news makes you as sad as it makes me, then I have some good news for you! Wood Rocket and Pornhub have released the trailer to their latest pornody and guess what show they are taking on? They are doing The Goo Place. Sounds like something that will bring cheers to Ted Danson and the cast of the show.

Why did they pick a show about four recently deceased people who were told they were in Heaven when in reality they are really in Hell? Director Holly G. Myers revealed to me, “I love the show. A LOT. The show has so much sexual tension in it already, it just seemed so ripe for porn parodying.” Of course, she wanted to point out that, “Also, I really wanted porn performers to refer to their jobs as forking.”

Who are the people who got to fork in the pornody? They are Isabella Nice (Janet), Daphne Dare (Elanor), Avi Love (Tahini), Kilo White (Jianyu), Chris Cock (Chidi) and Lance Hart (Michael). They did a good job with casting because the actors look just like the people they are playing.

Since the original show is a lesson about morality and what qualifies someone to go to Heaven or Hell, I wanted to know what is the moral teachings we can get from this? Writer/Director Lee Roy Myers wants our takeaway to be, “I guess if we had to find a moral lesson in the porn parody it would be that orgies can get you into The Goo Place.”

I wonder who is on top and who is on the bottom in those orgies? Talking about tops, Myers said this sitcom has always been a top, “The whole WoodRocket team loves The Good Place. It was at the top of our list to parody for a while. So we’re just glad we finally got to make it.” And make it they did.

Tonight after you watch The Good Place, shut off your TVs, turn on your computers and watch The Goo Place. When you are done with both you will be in a good and goo place.


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