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[ # ] The Ghosts’ cast wants a Broadway musical
May 18th, 2022 under Ghosts

Back in the late 1700s, Captain Isaac Higgintoot and Alexander Hamilton were frenemies. As time went on, we have only heard about one of them. And that is mainly because one of them had a Broadway Musical based on their life and death.

While Alexander has moved on to the great beyond, Higgintoot is stuck here as a ghost. Now that he knows what happened to his greatest nemesis, he wants his own Musical on the Great White Way.

So today, when he was able to transport himself to Broadway, he asked for one during the CBS Upfronts. But, he was not alone; his friends, who are also Ghosts, want one too. And they are not alone because I also want it.

So CBS, give us a Musical episode next season, or we will haunt you.

UPDATE: When I asked EP Joe Port on Twitter if we are going to get a musical episode next season, he responded with a GIF that reads, “Maybe…”


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