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July 29th, 2007 under Comedy Central

Sadly he got there late, so I was not able to talk to him. I saw his mom and she looks just like him!
Brigette Nielsen admitted to me that she just left rehab and was getting her life back on track! She also told me that she was going to compare Flavor Flav to Jimmy Kimmel at the roast, so I hope Comedy Central doesn't cut that out because I am dying to know how?!?
There is Snoop Dogg back in Burbank and this time he didn't get arrested. We joked that we weren't sure if he was going to make the roast because they had a drug sniffing dog when you entered the event. I swear they did!
Look at the size of Snoop's bodyguard. He was much larger in person.
How cute are Ice-T and Coco together! I have to admit she so cute in person. I thought she was going to looking cheap because of all the pictures we have seen of her, but in reality she is a natural beauty in person and really down to earth.
Shay from Flavor of Love 2 and Charm School wanted to take a picture with her.
Buckwild did not look the same in person. She sounded like Buckwild throughout my whole interview which makes me think she didn't fake it for the show. She told me she is still doing her stand-up. One day I will have to go see her tear up the stage.
Look at how crazy that purple carpet was…
Lisa Lampanelli is a pisser! She had me in hysterics and you know she is going to be the best roaster of them all just like she was during Shatner's!!! 
Carrot Top did the carpet twice which worked for me because I got to interview him the second time around. I will post some of the jokes he told me about as we get closer the roast! BTW the King of Prop Comedy had nothing in that box he was wearing which was a major bummer!
Chyna Doll was smaller in person than I thought and I also thought she looked better than she did than when she was on The Surreal Life. She also told me that she is working on a show, but could not tell me anymore than that!  
Jeffrey Ross and I talked about The Next Best Thing, but since that show is over there is not much to mention. You know he will be crude to Flavor Flav, but then again who won't be? 
Leilene has moved on from Flavor of Love and Charm School and is filming some movies! 
Hottie was very sweet and is enjoying her success as a singer and climbing the charts wither her new single.
Saaphyri looks happy after winning Charm School, something she deserved! She is using the money to get into business and selling Indian hair wigs. She was wearing one and I have to tell you the hair is really soft. You would never it was a wig by touching it. She also got into the lip chap business, so looks like she will be able to afford some more pairs of Uggs really soon.
The purple carpet for Comedy Central's Roast for Flavor Flav was fun, but it will not be as much as fun the actual roast that airs on August 12th at 10p! I can't wait to see what they people say about him because you know just like chicken not made Hottie it will be Roasted!!

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