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[ # ] The first trailer is out for The Matrix Resurrections
September 9th, 2021 under Keanu Reeves

Did you hear the sounds of an orgasm coming from your obviously perpetually single male neighbor today? The reason why you heard that sound is they were watching the first trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, and they are very excited about it.

They have been waiting 18 years for the third sequel to finally come out, and the first look doesn’t disappoint. I barely remember the first two movies, and even I want to see the third movie. Mostly because Keanu Reeves looks so hot in it.

I think this will be the first movie since the pandemic started that is going to pack the theaters again on December 22nd, even though it will be on HBO Max that same day. It is the type of movie you have to see on the big screen to get the full experience.

Are you going to be there on opening day?

One last note, can we talk about how awesome White Rabbit from Jefferson Airplane, aka Jefferson Starship, aka Starship, works for this trailer?


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