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[ # ] The final seconds of tonight’s Connecting… will leave you speechless
October 15th, 2020 under NBC

A lot of people are upset that NBC is airing a Town Hall with Donald Trump tonight, but not me. That is because, at 9p, they are two back-to-back episodes of Connecting… Giving it the promotion and publicity that it deserves, so that more will discover it.

The sitcom is for today’s society. As in it about a group of seven friends who are dealing with the pandemic just like us. The only way they can connect is via Zoom, just like that is the only way we can connect with our loved ones. We need support, and this is how they are getting it.

Pradeep (Parvesh Cheena) is a married man who cannot get the food he wants for his spoiled kids. The shortage is driving him to lose it with a delivery person who screws up his order. However, that is not the real reason why he is tense.

While he is tense, Ben is lonely, and he is offering to be Pradeep’s live-in manny. However, their friend, Annie (Otmara Marrero), is also lonely and wants to live with Ben. Will she tell him?

Garrett (Keith Powell) and Michelle (Jill Knox) are married, and they are trying out new things. However, tonight they will get into a fight when it comes to helping their friend, Ellis (Shakina Nayfack). Ellis lost her job, and now she is having problems paying for her rent and health insurance. That health insurance pays for her hormonal treatments. Garrett is willing to give her the money, but Michelle is against it. That is because everyone’s future is uncertain.

What cures stress? A trip. That is what Garrett and Michelle are planning with their friends during the second episode. The only thing is they have to stay in quarantine for two weeks. What happens when none of them can do it?

All of that leads to an ending that had me chills.

This is a sitcom about what we are all going through. It is a relatable more than any show on television. The series is also enjoyable. We can all see ourselves and our friends and family when we watch it.

I didn’t know until I watched the program, how much I needed it. But I do, and so do you.

These actors all need to be commended because the chemistry is so strong, even though they are all working from their homes, not on a set, and shooting themselves through technology. Not many actors can do that even when they are working on a stage together.

Therefore, watch a show every Thursday night, unlike anything else on television, but it is more real than reality TV.


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