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[ # ] The fat lady sings on Glee tonight!
March 20th, 2015 under Glee
Tonight at 8p, it is time for the cast of Glee to graduate to their next projects. That’s because tonight is the series finale.
After 6 seasons, 121 episodes, hundreds of songs, nearly 100 charted songs and millions of albums sold, Glee is taking its final bow.
When the show started, I loved it. As it went on, I grew to hate it. But today, I realized, I am really going to miss it.
I looked forward to hearing what songs they were going to do. The thing I always appreciated most, is after they sang an overplayed song, that song would finally go away. That means songs like Call Me Maybe, Gangnam Style and Sexy and I Know It, will never stop playing on the radio because Glee is not around to kill its momentum. And that is pretty awful.
So to students and teachers at McKinley High, I thank you for 6 years of tunes that I will be singing for many many many more years to come.


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