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[ # ] The Dancing with the Stars stars(?) are announced
August 17th, 2009 under Dancing with the Stars

1. – Sports Illustrated model – Kathy Ireland
2. – Grammy winning singer – Macy Gray
3. – TV star – Melissa Joan Hart
4. – R&B artist – Mya
5. – Ashley Hamilton (son of George Hamilton)
6. – NFL player – Michael Irvin
7. – from Iron Chef America – Mark Decascos
8. – Donny Osmond
9. – Kelly Osbourne
10. – Debi Mazar (from tv show Entourage)
11. – Ultimate Fighting Champion – Church Liddell
12. – Olympian – Natalie Coughlin
13. – Joanna Krupa (model)
14. – Snowboarder – Louis Vito
15. – Pop Star – Aaron Carter
16. – Tom Delay (former house majority lead)

Dancing with the Stars 9 expanded the amount of stars that will put on their dancing shoes this season and looks like they had a really hard time finding real celebrities to do the show. Sadly I have to support my college (University of Miami) and vote for Michael Irvin otherwise I would skip the lamest season of DWTS ever. Seriously every season there are a few of people I don’t know on the show, but this was the first one where I had to Google half of them and I still don’t know who they are. So let’s go over who I do know… Macy Gray, when was the last time she was relevant? Prob around the same time Melissa Joan Hart had a TV show in production. I used to like MJH, but now she is one of those annoying has-beens that will do anything for press. Like hope someone doesn’t die so she can still be on the cover of a weekly magazine. Mya, she was the singer who sang that song from Moulin Rouge that no one knew who she was then and still don’t know who she is know. Ashley Hamilton is the first son to follow his father’s dancesteps on the show, but besides being married to a celeb and the son of one…who is he? Donny Osmond was fun, but now he has become Vegas annoying and he tries way too hard. Kelly Osbourne, she will cry and complain but hopefully she will be somewhat funny if she gets the right partner. I am sure Mark Ballas and Derek Hough want her just for her family connections. Picture the Ballas Hough Band on OzzFest…way hot! Debi Mazur, has she done anything since that Friends episode because I haven’t seen in her anything since. Aaron Carter, he is up there with Macy and MJH as when was the last time he was relevant. And those others are who? Oh wait I did save one for last and that is the one I am rooting for…Mark Decascos. You guys probably know him from Iron Chef, but I know him from really crappy Sci Fi Saturday night movies, so he has my vote just for that! He will be the Cristian De La Fuente/Gilles Marini of the season. You know the good looking guy no one has ever heard of before, but will come in second, Please don’t pair him with Cheryl Burke, he deserves better than her hair!!!
Positive note, there will be double eliminations this season because there are so many contestants. Let’s hope they eliminate all 16 after week one and we get some real stars on the show.
So what do you think of the names? And will you be watching on September 21st when it debuts on ABC with a 3 night premiere?
UPDATE: I forgot about Kathy Ireland, kind of like everyone else did and will. She was seriously a Sports Illustrated Model? Wow that had to be a really long time ago like when Donny Osmond first had a show with sister. How long until Donny faints on the show? Afterall it worked for Marie…


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