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[ # ] The Chicago crossover night is a must not miss event
October 3rd, 2018 under Dick Wolf

This season, NBC put all three Chicago shows on one night. Tonight starting at 8p, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med and Chicago PD have a three-hour crossover event.

In the first episode, Chicago Fire is sent out to battle a high rise fire that is affecting the top floors. It is a quick spreading fire and it is not going to be easy to fight. In fact, several of them will find their lives in danger. Not only are our guys in trouble, so is a family member of someone from the Chicago shows. Once everyone is out, it is time to get our firefighter and the family member to the hospital, along with the other victims.

That brings us to the second hour, where several people will fight for their lives and not everyone is going to survive. One family has a tough decision whether or not save their daughter or let her die. Two brothers fight over the care of their father. Another firefighter is suffering the mental effects from fighting a fire like this. Finally, there is a Jane Doe who is very close to where the fire started. When she makes a run for it that causes PD to get involved.

PD knows this woman knows who started this deadly fire and now they have to figure out who set it. Once they figure it out who it is, they will do their hardest to bring that person in. One cop is motivated by revenge and it might cost them their life.

Even though it is a crossover event, each episode stands alone. You will still feel like you are watching the shows you love, they just all have a special connection tonight. Kudos to the producers for making the three hours seem so seamless.


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[ # 1261280 ] Comment from bud haven [October 7, 2018, 10:59 am]

Can’t wait for next seasons Chicago Public Library to start!

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