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[ # ] The Beast with Patrick Swayze premieres tonight!
January 15th, 2009 under A&E

The Beast, starring Patrick Swayze and Travis Fimmel, centers on an unorthodox but effective FBI veteran, Charles Barker (Swayze), who takes on a rookie partner, Ellis Dove (Fimmel). Barker trains Dove in a hard-edged, psychologically driven approach towards undercover work, where a moment’s hesitation can lead to death.
In the premiere episode of The Beast, the mischievous Barker hazes Dove as they go undercover on their first case to infiltrate a weapons smuggling ring. Barker brilliantly manipulates situations, constantly tests his new partner’s abilities and pushes him to delve deeper into the roles of the undercover characters he creates. Although Dove takes a liking to Barker, the new job takes its toll on him. The stress and danger of being an agent quickly makes him realize that he can no longer maintain normal relationships outside of work. Yet that’s not the worst of it. The rookie is confronted with a larger challenge: An FBI Internal Affairs team feels Barker may have gone rogue and they try to enlist Dove as a double-agent in the bureau’s investigation of his mentor.

For those who have a void because The Shield has ended, A&E’s The Beast is the perfect fix for you! The Beast is a dark show about an undercover FBI Agent who will do anything to prove that he is one of the people he is trying to bust. Swayze is amazing in the role, but I have to admit you have separate what he is going through in his real life at first in order to pay attention to the role he is playing. Once you are there, which is quick because the character is so raw, you will be blown away by his performance. Ellis is his new partner who has to learn the ways of being undercover and will do some extreme things to prove that he is one of the guys he is trying to bust. It draws you in as you watch his and Swayze’s performances!
The show is dark, gritty and raw and that is what makes it so good. I am not normally into these type of shows, but The Beast really has me intrigued to see how it is all going to play out each week. So tune into The Beast on A&E tonight and ever Tuesday at 10p!!!


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