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June 11th, 2018 under Fast Food

Last week, International House of Pancakes announced that they were changing their name to IHOb after 60 years, and today they revealed that it stands for, dum dum dum, burgers.

This morning they launched 7 new steakburgers and in honor of the Black Angus ground beef being smashed on the grill to sear in the juices and flavor before being topped with premium ingredients and sandwiched between a buttered and grilled Brioche bun, they changed the name from IHOP to IHOb.

Chef Nevielle Panthaky, Head of Culinary at IHOb said, “The IHOP Culinary team took the creation of these Steakburgers as seriously as we take innovation around our pancakes, which means they’re soon to become world famous, too.”

On that note, they will still be serving pancakes, so do not freak out just yet. Also just like how you can order pancakes 24-hours a day, the same is true for the burgers. Which for me is a good thing because I am not a breakfast person.

Personally, I am bummed that they did not go with breakfast because that is what they are most known for and makes the most sense. But then again I love burgers! I love them medium rare with blood dripping out of them.

So what are the lucky 7 new burgers? To find out, then

Big Brunch – IHOb knows how to put breakfast on a burger. The Big Brunch Steakburger includes IHOP’s custom-cured, hickory-smoked bacon, a fried egg, a crispy browned potato, American cheese and a delicious new signature burger sauce that compliments the savory flavors.
Cowboy BBQ – This may be how the West was won. This sky-high Steakburger includes two thick, crispy onion rings, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and mouthwatering tangy BBQ sauce.
Jalapeño Kick – For those who like a little excitement in their lives, there’s the Jalapeño Kick Steakburger with a spicy blend of sautéed jalapeños, Serrano peppers and onion, custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon, Pepper-Jack cheese, lettuce, tomato and jalapeño mayo.
Mushroom & Swiss – A match made in burger heaven with a blend of sautéed mushrooms and onions, Swiss cheese and creamy mayo.
The Classic – Truly a burger classic…melting American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and the brand’s new signature Steakburger sauce.
The Classic with Bacon – Only bacon can improve on an American classic, which is made with custom-cured hickory-smoked bacon, melting American cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and the brand’s signature burger sauce.
Mega Monster – No need to fear this monster…two premium Steakburger patties, American and White Cheddar cheeses, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickles and the brand’s signature sauce.

I cannot wait to try the Mushroom & Swiss one. If it came with grilled onions, then that is my favorite type of burger. If you never tried it, then you can try one at IHOb! So so so yummy!

UPDATE: Wendy’s and Burger King trolled IHOb. When Wendy’s was asked if they were going to take IHOP’s name change, they replied, “Not really afraid of the burgers from a place that decided pancakes were too hard.” While BK’s Twitter page is now going by PK as in Pancake King!


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