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[ # ] The animals are finally rebelling against TikTok
October 22nd, 2020 under Animals


lost a limb for this ##foryoupage ##makemefamous ##foryou ##FootlongShuffle

♬ It’s Been A Long Long Time – Harry James

You thought that Donald Trump had a problem with TikTok; he doesn’t have anything on pets. Cats, dogs, wolves, ferrets, lizards, mice, monkeys, skunks, and raccoons have had enough of being used so you could get more followers.

One dog is starting the revolution, and I am afraid. I am very afraid.

Dunkin’s mom decided to see what he would do if she did the pretend to put your dog on a diet challenge. If you don’t know what that is, that is where the mean owner only puts a few pieces of kibble in their furbaby’s bowl. Most puppies give their masters those sad puppy dog eyes, others growl, but the black lab had them all beat. When his mom only dropped three balls into his bowl, he went and got and the knife.

After watching this canine start the rebellion, I have decided not to turn my cat into a WAP for internet fame! She has seen me watch Nightmare on Elm Street one too many times, and I have not cut her nails in a few months.

When it comes to Dunkin, don’t worry, he did not kill his mom. He is trained to protect her, and that is why he grabbed the knife. It was a command, and he is a good boy!


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