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[ # ] The amusing reason to take kids to an amusement park
February 6th, 2019 under Babies

via Kyoot
Ever since I was big enough to get on rides at an amusement park, my dad took me on them. Therefore, they don’t scare me. I know that is just me and a few others. Which is why I always enjoy taking my friends on scary rides to watch them scream and curse at me. In fact, I have a huge smile on my face just thinking about that.

I also could have that smile on my face because I just watching 10 minutes of kids going on scary rides for the first time, getting splashed on while watching water rides and just falling off of them. While it is not fun for them, it is the true reason we should take them to amusement parks. That is why they called amusement parks. They are there for our amusement and not the amusement of the children. If it was for children, then they would be called a scary wet place with sugary food.


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