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October 28th, 2009 under Desperate Housewives, Teri Hatcher

(photo © ABC)

Teri Hatcher was diagnosed with Swine Flu and has put the cast and crew of Desperate Housewives on high alert for H1N1. According to TV Guide Magazine the show is rescheduling her scenes until she is well enough to return and her diagnosis couldn’t have come at a worse time because DH was filming their Christmas Party episode. Why would her sickness really seem to matter if it is just a party episode? Well because a small commuter plane is going to crash into Wisteria Lane while they are having that party and at least one fan favorite will perish.
Am I the only one kind of hoping her Swine Flu will shut down production long enough that they have to scrap the episode, because destroying Wisteria Lane again is such a stupid storyline. Marc Cherry is living up to the first word of the title of his show that used to be a hit with the plane crash story arc.

UPDATE: Her rep is told TV Guide Magazine that she doesn’t have Swine Flu and that production hasn’t been changed because she is sick. Dang that stupid plane crash is going to happen.

UPDATE 2: According to Variety ABC is sticking with Marc Cherry until 2013 which means that Desperate Housewives could stay until then too. Seriously they are desperate for enjoyable scripts and watchable storylines now, how are they going to maintain it for another 4 years? Especially since Marc Cherry worked on the final season of Golden Girls and that show started repeating itself, are they going to continue to that on DH until then. I mean they have already started to repeat themselves are they going to repeat 3 or 4 more times before the show is finally put out of its misery? Plus how are the actresses going to hold up until then? There is no eye candy on the show as it is (since they got rid of Gale Harold) what are they going to do for that until 2013? At this rate the cast from Degrassi will have to move to Wisteria Lane because they will be as old as the DH cast when they first started. Was that too mean?


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