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[ # ] Teen idol Joey Lawrence has advice for teen boys
November 20th, 2020 under Joey Lawrence

Back in the ’90s, teen girls wanted to get their first kisses from Joey Lawrence. They had posters of him on their walls. They knew what he looked like, but not how he smelled.

Since he was one of the most sought after boys of that era, I am sure if you take inhaled him, he smelled like Heaven on Earth. What about all the other boys, going through puberty, who aren’t famous? We know that you don’t want to take a whiff of them. If you did, you would smell body odor mixed with horniness.

Lawrence has a suggestion for them so that girls will want to sniff them. What is this magic cure? It is Axe Body Spray and their other products like body wash. Now moms, you know the girls who used to idolize, Lawrence around the world won’t fear going into their son’s room on laundry day.


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