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[ # ] Tara Reid has 2 Oscar contenders coming out!
September 8th, 2017 under Tara Reid

Yesterday, Tara Reid shared the poster art for two of her upcoming movies and how can Andy the Talking Hedgehog and Baby Bulldog (yes these are real) not be nominated for Oscars. If ever an actress did two features that screamed Academy Awards, it is Tara Reid in these two.

I mean this is the actress who has starred in 5 Sharknado telemovies, so she knows how to pick them. Same with Dean Cain who is her co-star in both.

While it sounds like I am joshing, sad confession here, I would watch these family films over any Oscar nominee and/or winner any day. I love these features because they are fun, so hats off to April and Superman for taking on these roles! If given the choice, would you go with Any the Taking Headgehog or Hacksaw Ridge? It is an easy choice!


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