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[ # ] SYTYCD’s Shane Sparks apologizes for yesterday’s comments
June 1st, 2007 under SYTYCD

Shane Spark’s MySpace
For those of you who did not see the show, what Shane Sparks said was below the belt and I am glad he apologized for what he said. I could not find the video of what he said, but I found the video of her performing. She is the second dancer on that clip. All 3 Judges bashed her dancing and when she told them that she paid $1,400 to dance in front of agents who told her she was good Nigel said pay him $1,400 and he would tell her would she was good. But it did stop there…Shane said to her something along the lines of she was not the type they needed for the show. She asked “What is my type?” He said something like “slightly overweight girls who can’t dance.” That was low, and yet she handled it well. Granted she also said in the post-interview, I am good at whatever I do whether it is acting, modeling, whatever. I will opt not to comment on that one.


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