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[ # ] Syfy Bigfoots a Barry Williams and Danny Bonaduce reunion!
March 22nd, 2011 under Syfy

In January we got to see ’80s teen pop rivals Tiffany and Debbie Gibson battle it out in Mega Python vs Gatroid on Syfy and now we are going to see two ’70s teen heartthrob rivals working together. Barry Williams aka Greg Brady and Danny Bonaduce aka Danny Partridge are going to get together to find the infamous Bigfoot in the Syfy original movie according to TV Guide. I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would see a Brady and Partridge work together, and now a twisted dream of mine is coming true.
If that is not enough, Shannen Doherty will be playing Gretl in November. Seems like she is too old for the role? Well the movie centers around her brother Hansl getting revenge on the witch who killed his sister. But what he doesn’t know is she still alive. What does that mean?
They are also working on Snowmageddon for December, St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun for next March and Jersey Shore Shark Attack. Snooki is not in the movie because if she were and the shark attempted to eat her, it would choke to death.
Syfy isn’t only scaring up the above movies, Haven will join Warehouse 13 and Eureka with an all-new holiday episode for Christmas. If they are anything like last year’s, we are going to have a Merry Christmas. On that note it will be Christmas in July when all three shows come back for their new seasons.


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