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[ # ] Sweet Magnolias S2 gives lots of laughs, tears, and heart
February 7th, 2022 under Netflix

Sweet Magnolias is back for a second season on Netflix now, and Maddie, Helen, and Dana Sue are going to be going through a lot of changes. However, one thing that won’t change is their unbreakable bond as friends.

The second season picks up shortly after the season finale. In that episode, we found that there was a car accident, but we didn’t know who was in the car. The show picks up with Maddie (JoAnna Garcia Swisher), Helen (Heather Headley), and Dana Sue (Brooke Elliott) at the hospital. There we find out if Maddie’s sons, Kyle (Logan Allen) or his brother, Tyler (Carson Rowland), or Dana Sue’s daughter, Annie (Anneliese Judge), were in the car and how they were injured.

While their injuries are not severe, they will have lasting effects on them. So much so it will change their lives and their course for the future.

Talking about the future, one of the Sweet Magnolias is pregnant. Is it Maddie with her new boyfriend and Ty’s coach Cal (Justin Bruening)? What about Dana Sue? Are she and her estranged husband expecting baby #2? Or could it be Helen and her mystery man?

While I can’t tell you that? I can tell you that Maddie’s ex-husband’s (Chris Klein) baby with his mistress (Jamie Lynn Spears’) will make their debut.

And then there is Isaac (Chris Medlin). He is going to find out who his parents are, and the dad is going to make you drop your jaw.

If that is enough to deal with, the Sweet Magnolias are going to find out that the Mayor and his wife are doing something that is hurting the town. The three women are going to take them on, and there are going to be consequences. Will they back down?

All leading to a season finale that will leave you wanting more. So I hope Netflix gives it to us.

Sweet Magnolias lives up to the first part of its name. Sometimes, we just need a program that’s only purpose is for us to enjoy it. That is exactly what this drama is, enjoyable. A fun binge on any day. So what are you waiting for, go watch it!


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