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[ # ] Swamp Thing is suspenseful horror series we need
May 31st, 2019 under DC Comics

Once again the Swamp Thing comes to life and this time he is streaming on DC Universe.

Abby (Crystal Reed) is a doctor who works for the CDC. She is called back to her hometown, Houma, Louisiana, to investigate a mysterious illness that has left a little girl unconscious. No one knows what is plaguing Susie (Elle Graham) and no one can find her father who fishes in the swamp.

Abby has not been home since she was 17 and people don’t want her back. Something happened right before she graduated high school and she was chased out of town. Even though she is unwelcome, they will let her stay as long as she can prevent this illness from spreading.

Along the way, she meets Alex Holland (Andy Bean), a scientist, who has seen people dump in the swamp. Together he and Abby will see if what was dumped in the water could be causing the illness.

After a long day of working she stays behind, while he takes a ride in a boat at night to check something out in the swamp. Out of nowhere, he is shot several in the chest, falls into the water and his boat blows up. Something gets a hold of him, and he becomes the Swamp Thing.

Now he is protecting the town from the bad people, but they think he is a monster. His presence has upset the light and dark, and now the swamp is alive again.

There is so much mystery going on in this small town, that you will want to know everything that is happening in this interpretation of the DC comic series.

My only negative about this show is that it is way too dark. Sometimes I found it hard to see what was going on. Other than it is the perfect summer show.


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