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[ # ] Sting’s son hints The Police might not finish the tour?
June 30th, 2007 under The Police

(photo from Daily Mail
Sting's son, Joe Sumner who is touring with his dad with his band Fiction Plane says he is not sure if The Police with finish their tour according to IOL. He says that Stewart Copeland and his dad are not getting along again and seriously who is surprised by that? He then went on to say, "We'll see if they make it through the year. They might beat each other to death. They are very passionate and have different opinions, but I think they'll put their differences aside in order to feel like rock stars one last time."
When the rumors started that they might reunite, I told my friend I won't believe it until it is announced. Then they announced The Grammys and I told her I won't believe it until they do The Grammys. Then the next day they were announcing the reunion and I still felt I will believe it when I see it. Then the tour was finally starting and I still would believe it until it happened. Then they were coming to LA and I did not believe it until I was there. And after seeing them live I was not sure if they would finish the tour and I even joked about it in my review of the Dodgers Stadium concert last week. It is interesting to see that I am not the only who questions if the three men are getting along, Sting's own son questions if they will finish the tour. Sincerely I am not surprised that they are not getting along, the show was all about Sting and I am sure that is upsetting the other two guys. It was evident from the performance that they were not getting along because they all jammed by themselves and never acknowledged the other ones. Plus I have heard stories that even before the reunion when Sting and Stewart would get together, Stewart would make fun of Sting to his face. Sting might pretend to be all Zen and all, but those are normally the people who have a lot anger issues. I hope they finish the tour because even though I was majorly disappointed by the show it sounds like this will be the last time they ever tour together and just for that it is worth seeing them live before they kill one another.

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