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[ # ] Sting owns bees!
November 7th, 2016 under The Police

Have you ever wondered if Sting got stung by a bee? Well that is what Graham Norton wanted to know from The Police singer when he was on his show on Friday. Not only has be Sting been stung, he owns a dozen hives of the buggers at his Wilshire Estate.
For the most part they get along with the man that named himself after what they do, but one day there was a bee who feels the way about him as I do. That little fella flew up to Gordon Sumner and stung him on the crown of his head.
He said it was the “most exquisite pain. It was like a psychedelic experience and my whole brain went.” Then he added, “I haven’t been the same since.”
The incident happened about when he reunited with The Police, so I guess something good came out of it for us. In fact, it was also good for him because he revealed he wants to be stung again by one of those yellow and black creatures.


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