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[ # ] Stewie Griffin explains why we all need the COVID vaccine
September 21st, 2021 under Seth MacFarlane

Scientists, doctors, newspeople, some of your family and friends have told you to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but you just won’t listen. Instead, you would rather listen to a trust fund baby, who got the shot, or some random guy on Facebook, tell you not to. So now, whenever you turn on the news, you find out that people are dying from something they don’t have to because they are listening to the same COVidiots as you.

How can we get the message across since you are not listening to the people in the know? How about the people in the know go to Seth MacFarlane, and have his Family Guy characters spell out in terms even you can understand. That is what they did.

So MacFarlane created a short PSA with Stewie and Bryan teaching everyone how vaccines work. If a baby and a dog can figure it, why can’t you?

Get the shot already. I want to party likes it 2019 again? The only way we can do it is if everyone gets it. No matter what fake news that trust fund tells you, the shot is better than COVID-19. Ask people who had it if they want it again. If they say that they do, then you know they are sub so get a whip and put them in their place.

Stop being selfish, and think of others. You are not only getting the shot for yourself. You are getting it for all of the people you love. Actually, you are getting it for everyone else in the world. This is a global pandemic, and we all want it to go away. But that can’t happen if you won’t get the vaccine.

I can’t wait until the day when I don’t have to talk about coronavirus ever again. Instead, we can talk about the season premiere of Family Guy this Sunday on Fox! Who doesn’t love Meg?

Thank you, Seth MacFarlane. Hopefully, this will work.


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