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[ # ] Steve Harvey talks about combing his private parts!
October 6th, 2015 under Steve Harvey

Family Feud asked another question that garnered a below the belt answer. They asked, “Besides the top of your head, name something else you comb the hair on?” The Lovett Family got together and guessed, “Your private parts?”
Steve Harvey then walked up to the youngest member of the family and asked Nkosi if he tried it. When the teen said no, the host explained to him why he should never do it. Harvey said, “You do it one time, you won’t do it again.” Then he added, “If you do it once, you will never ever ever try that again. Cause if there is one snarl, one tangled blade of hair, and you pull it, I swear to Gd, you’ll want to die.” As he described it to the kid, you can just imagine the pain he went through when he brushed it. Even though you don’t mean to laugh, it is hard not to because you can see the humor in the situation. Or maybe it is me because I love to laugh at pain.
Now when it comes to the answer, somehow it was not on the board. I guess not enough people are as brave as Harvey. Either that or who has hair left to comb down there these days?


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