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[ # ] Something worse came out of Green Lantern than the movie
September 10th, 2012 under Gossip Girl, Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively met while filming Green Lantern (the movie that didn’t make a lot of green) and yesterday the two of them got married in South Carolina. According to The NY Daily News they have only been planning their secret wedding for a month and she asked for the days off from Gossip Girl just three weeks ago. No word if any of her castmastes like her ex-boyfriend Penn Badgely were there to see Serena van der Woodsen walk down the aisle with Van Wilder.
Now everyone’s first thought might be that they are expecting a little superhero (well that is where my mind went), but don’t forget Scarlett Johansson and him has a secret wedding too. On that note doesn’t Lively remind you of a taller, younger, less talented version of his ex-wife with a bitchier voice? Am I the only one who thinks her voice is like hearing nails on a chalkboard?
Now when it comes to Reynolds, he used to be on my ToDo list which meant I would see every movie he did. But then after seeing him a lot of sh!tty movies, I had to remove him from the list to ease my suffering. Not only do I think he have the ability to chose to star in bad movies, I also think he has that same ability when it comes to picking women? Seriously does anyone really think it is going to last until death they do part?


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