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[ # ] Some think Donald Trump is an a$$hole, so why not stick him up one?
July 13th, 2015 under Donald Trump

Ever since Donald Trump announced that he is running for President, several people have wanted to tell him to eat sh!t. Well, Political Sculptor found a way for him to do exactly that. He has been coming up with butt plugs for a while, and his latest one is of Trump himself.
The Mexican immigrant explained his decision and it’s simple. He was born in Mexico, moved the United States when he was 11, studied 3-D animation in college and now owns a 3-D printing business. He is not a rapist, drug dealer or murderer, and he wanted Trump to know that. If The Donald doesn’t like it, he can shove that information right up his a$$. Just like many people will be doing with the butt plug made in the mogul’s image.
I say for $27.99, it is worth every penny. Although as my friend mentioned, that combover might be quite painful. So be careful, as you tell him, “You’re fired,” before you show him what he can do with those two words. I guess that is what they mean by pain in the a$$!
BTW Political Sculptor Trump isn’t the only Presidential candidate to get a butt plug, Ted Cruz is cruising along with him.


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