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[ # ] Sir Patrick Stewart caught sleeping with a real bitch!
March 13th, 2017 under Sir Patrick Stewart/Sir Ian McKellen

Sir Patrick Stewart is one of the most loved actors of today; and just when you thought that there was no way he could be even more lovable, he finds a way.

The 💩 Emoji is fostering a Pitbull named Ginger and the two of them already have a special bond. He has posted several videos of this on Instagram, but the two of them sleeping together is best one of them all.

It is Monday and we all need something to make us a little bit happier about the work week and this is it Well, that and it makes you want to crawl right back in to bed with that someone special like he was doing.

When it comes to Ginger, I hope he keeps her. As you can see she is a real bitch, a female dog in love with her master! And he loves her just as much!

Adopt don’t shop!


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