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[ # ] Simply Red’s Mike Hucknall’s fire crotch was really on fire!
November 10th, 2014 under 80s

Back when everyone knew who Simply Red was, there were a lot, and a I do mean A LOT, of women who got to know the band’s singer. In fact, according to the rumors, Mike Hucknall bedded around 1,000 women. That’s right, one thousand women.
Now that band is reuniting for a tour, The Telegraph wanted to know if there was any truth to the rumor, so they straight out asked him. The singer told them, “It probably is. I’ve not denied that but I never claimed it. I never bragged about it. I don’t keep count. I’ve no idea, but I would think over a 25-year period that’s probably reasonable to say. But do I want to say it?” Then he added, “No. It’s not what makes me tick. I don’t put chips on the bedpost.” He concluded his answer with, “It’s like kids in a candy store. You can’t believe it. There’s girls chasing you all the time – it’s incredible. When you’re 24 you don’t give a toss. You’re invincible. You can do anything. Your mind is set in a way that the world is just ready and you’re just going to take it all. You’re just going to have a grand time.” With that many women notched in his bed, or not chipped into his bedpost, I think we can all agree he had more than a grand time back then.
He also told the newspaper what changed his ways, and why the band broke up for a few years. It’s an interesting read to learn more about the man who had one of the most soulful voices in the ’80s, so I suggest checking out the article.


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