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[ # ] Sight Unseen is the must see show of the season
April 3rd, 2024 under The CW

The CW has a new series tonight at 9p, and Sight Unseen is the best new show of the season.

Tess Avery(Dolly Lewis) is a detective whose life is about to change forever. She is going blind. And it is happening quickly.

Her childhood friend, Matt(Jarod Joseph), tells her about Eyes Up. It is a service that helps the visually impaired see by telling them what is in front of them.

Tess winds up calling, and Sunny(Agam Darshi), who is 3,000 miles away, winds up picking up the call. Sunny is an Agoraphobic, and she sees the world through her clients’ eyes.

Sunny keeps Tess’ phone number and offers to help her with cases and more. She does this because her life is uneventful because she never leaves the house, and this is her way of getting out. Reluctantly, Tess agrees to her offer.

And now the two of them are working together to solve crimes. It is unorthodox, but it is working.

They can’t do it alone, so Tess’ old partner, Jake (Daniel Gillies), is helping them out because it is helping him and the victims.

I have seen three episodes, and I am hooked. But then again, I am biased. I have a friend who went blind a few years ago, and I act as her Sunny. So, I know of services like Eyes Up because of my friend.

I wasn’t even 12 minutes into the show before I called my friend and told her to watch because I knew she would love it.

The stuff Tess is going through is realistic. And the actress is believable in the role.

While her blindness is what attracted me to the show, the cases and the storyline are what is keeping me watching.

I think Canadian TV does a better job with police procedurals than us Yanks, and Sight Unseen is no different. They are not as violent and predictable.

This show is educational, entertaining, and enjoyable. I promise you will love it as much as I do. So tune in for something different than everything else on television today.


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