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[ # ] Shonda Rhines finally confirms Izzie is dying!!!
March 13th, 2009 under Shonda Rhimes

After months of denial from Grey’s Anatomy Shonda Rhines, she finally confirmed on the Grey’s Matter blog that Izzie Stevens is indeed dying!!!

Like the interns do, I’d like you to ask yourselves – if you were handed a death sentence today, couple of months to live, what’s the first thing you’d do? Personally, I wouldn’t waste any time. I’d immediately re-introduce trans fats into my diet and then hop a plane to one of those huts over the ocean in Bali where the floor is glass so you can experience all the marine life without actually having to get wet. But that’s me. Izzie’s clearly a better person. Just when she’s found her niche at SGH, teaching the interns, she gets slapped with cancer. Wear sunscreen. But instead of hightailing it to a Balinese paradise (seriously, those huts look COOL) she takes her devastating diagnosis and channels it into an educational – albeit macabre – game for her interns, who are sorely in need of some attention. Shonda’s had this Patient X thing in her head for a long, long time – and when she first pitched it out, I immediately loved it. And hated it. I still love and hate it. Because it’s so totally messed up and unfair. What Izzie’s doing, teaching the interns, is a selfless, meaningful endeavor that no one else, even Alex, will ever give her credit for. Everyone’s been busy clamoring for surgeries while Izzie’s quietly achieved the impossible – she’s turned the gaggle of morons we met in season 4 into doctors. And now she’s DYING. And no one gets her, and no one knows it, and it’s seriously UNFAIR. Wear sunscreen.

Now let’s see how much longer Katherine Heigl will be on the show for? Hopefully Izzie will die during the season finale and then after Emmy season we will be done Katherine Heigl and she go retire to has-been land and never to be heard of again until she decides to do a celebrity reality show.


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