Seriously? OMG! WTF? » Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist hating yogurt covered Skittles is scrumptious!
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[ # ] Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist hating yogurt covered Skittles is scrumptious!
August 20th, 2019 under TV News

Today on Today, Sheinelle Jones and Willie Geist tried some new candy that is going to be hitting the market soon. First, they tried the Fudge Brownie M&M’s and both of them really enjoyed it. Then, he put the Cookies & Creme Twix in his mouth and savored it.

Finally, it was time to test the Skittle Dips, which is yogurt covered Skittles. Sounds gross, right? Geist went first and he tried not to make a face of disgust. He then asked his co-anchor to try it before he gave his review. Jones tasted the rainbow and she could not hide her distaste for it. In fact, she straight out said, “I don’t like it,” before spitting it out.

When you are an anchor on a show like this, you have to pretend like you love everything even if you don’t. The fact that they could not hide how horrible that candy is, is the best video I have seen on a morning news show in ages.

Forget Hoda and Jenna, give them the fourth hour. It is refreshing to have newspeople be honest like that. We all lie, but sometimes you just have to tell the truth no matter the cost.

After the show, Jones wrote, “I tried 😩😂…. really, I did. The trophy goes to sweet @williegeist who was willing to do the Heimlich … or at best let me spit out that yogurt skittle in his hands. 😆 He was willing to save my life ….. he’s my new forever friend. 😂🥂”

That truly tells you awful that candy is. I wonder if Skittles is going to reconsider releasing it? Although, I want to try it to see if is nasty as they say it is. What about you?


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