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[ # ] Sharon Osbourne reportedly wants tens of millions of dollars to leave The Talk
March 22nd, 2021 under Talk Shows, The Osbournes

About two weeks ago, Sharon Osbourne got into a heated debate with her co-hosts because she defended her undefendable friend Piers Morgan. Things got so heated that the show has only recorded one new episode since then, and as of now, they have no return date to go live again.

CBS says it is because they are investigating the debate and comments made by the staff to HR about Osbourne. However, Osbourne thinks it is to look into which CBS executive ordered the show to confront her about defending Morgan on Twitter. She said she felt blindsided by the questions.

Since the show went on hiatus, there have been several reports of Osbourne using racial and sexual discrimination names against her former co-hosts. She has denied that she said that.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she said she did not know what the future holds for her and the daytime talk show. However, The Sun spoke to a source, and it sounds like she wants out, but it will cost them a lot of money.

A source close to her said: “She is furious about the slew of accusations made about her and is refusing to bow to the mounting pressure to leave.

“As far as she is concerned, she apologised over the on-air debate and hasn’t done anything else wrong.

“She has a contract and they will have to pay her off if they want her to leave and that will cost them tens of millions. If bosses expect her to go quietly, they have got another thing coming.

“It has formed a rift behind the scenes of the show but Sharon has made it crystal clear that she wants to put this behind her and carry on.”

I say to CBS, call her bluff. Bring the show back with her and the other co-hosts. The tension between them will be good for ratings. If she doesn’t want to come back, then, I would assume, she is in breach of contract, and you can get rid of her for a lot less money.

She is a manager, and she knows contracts. Therefore, she is trying to get as much money for herself. But at what cost?

I think, if they give her the money to leave, then that will be the end of The Talk. I have a feeling with as much money as everyone in Hollywood is losing because of the pandemic, giving her the green will be the final nail in the coffin for The Talk. Then CBS can focus solely on The Drew Barrymore Show that only has one host.

Would Osbourne, the only original left, care that she would be putting all of those people out of work? People she has spent four days a week with for the last 11 years. We shall see As The World Turns. Hey CBS, bring back that soap opera! It is a lot messy.

Talking about messy, I think I understand why Osbourne has been doing all of these interviews that sound like she is begging to be fired. I am assuming she wants them to fire her so she that cash in on all of that money. This story might be another attempt to get CBS to pay her so that they can be free of her, and she can be even richer.

This is just my opinion. I could be wrong. I probably am. But we will see. I am mean, The Talk is already doing two weeks of repeats because of the incident; how many more can they afford to dark for? We should find out by this weekend since the show will be dark all of this week. I am sure they execs would love to be back on the air with new episodes by Monday.


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